Destination with exceptional panoramas to the west of the Savoie department where nature is preserved.

Discover the Savoyard Avant Pays:

-> The Aiguebelette Natural Park and its lake, a wild and authentic place with enchanting decor and alpine landscapes.

Very popular with fishermen, the lake has a remarkable ecosystem and natural areas which guarantee ecological diversity and water quality.

You can recharge your batteries and enjoy these warmest emerald waters in Europe, which can reach more than 27° in summer.

Peaceful waters with multiple reflections, lush flora and fauna, picturesque boathouses, small houses on stilts, enchanting islands… Discover them through multiple activities and fill up on calm and serenity.


  • Altitude: 373 meters.
  • Area: 545 hectares, 3rd natural lake in France.
  • Volume: 166 million cubic meters.
  • Maximum depth: 71 meters.
  • Total length of the banks: 14 km.
  • Villages: 5 municipalities share its banks: Aiguebelette-le-Lac, Lépin-Le-Lac, Nances, Novalaise, Saint-Alban-de-Montbel and, in the heights, Ayn, Dullin, Gerbaix, Marcieux and the village of Attignat-Oncin, one of the gateways to the Chartreuse Natural Park.

-> The Vals du Guiers, bordered by the Rhône and the Guiers, you can discover this territory full of cultural history and authentic places (Le Repaire de Mandrin, the Montfleury castle, the Galletti radio-museum etc…). Many trails await you such as the Camino de Santiago, the great crossing of the Alps, the Via-Rhôna etc. with breathtaking views of the Rhône and the Guiers valley.

->The Vals du Dauphiné, countryside with authentic charm in the hilly Pre-Alps crisscrossed by rivers. Traditional land, come and discover its history through numerous activities such as fun games, Historiales, nautical activities etc…

->The Dent du Chat territory, exceptional landscape and viewpoint. Its belvedere promises you an exceptional panorama of Lac du Bourget.

Don’t hesitate any longer and set off to discover the Pays du Lac d’Aiguebelette, its history, its legends and its gourmet specialties of wine, cheese and pastries!

"Discover two nature reserves, proof that nature here is of extreme beauty and great diversity."


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